Our Team


Mr. Urrutia has been the legal director of the program since 2012. He has worked hard on behalf of expatriates and provided a first-class professional service. His broad academic level and professional experience make him essential for any foreign citizen who wants to settle in the region.

Many people have benefited from his excellent work and have achieved their dreams in Latin America. So, if you need to retire or start a business in the region, Jose is the person to count on. His firm BK Consulting is well known in the region. His team maintains the highest professional standards.

“Jose has been a great lawyer for us. Without him, we have never could achieve our goals, stablishing in Latin America” Steve Douglas.

“Ethical and very professional lawyer” Rick Davis.        

“Jose is the guy you can count on to make your move to Latin America as smooth as possible! With contacts throughout all of latin America he can find a way to help you with all your legal needs no matter what country you choose !” Wm Berthold.


The captain is an expatriate who has been living in Latin America since 2013. In his own words: Latin America is the new land of opportunity. He was a farmer in Ohio, today he lives the Latin American dream, managing  a coffee farm and working with cryptocurrency in a very efficient and ethical way.


Rita , marketing graduate, is the coordinator of the seminars and a fantastic tour guide. One of the team’s greatest assets,She will always brighten your day with a smile on her face and her positive attitude! She provides an unparalleled service. Without her, the program would not be the same. Her vast experience in the tourism industry enables new expats to safely see the best of Guatemala.


Joining us for the first seminar, Chase has been living in Latin America for a couple years, but he learned to speak Spanish very quickly and he knows his ways around. He is the type of person who, after talking with him for ten minutes, you will feel as if you’ve known him your entire life. A great guy to hang with.


The son of a prominent Guatemalan, Natxo  is a humble, polite young man. As a member of the team he is a perfect example of what fine young men Guatemala has produced. He is well traveled and knows his way around. He is a great source of information on Guatemala.